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The technical crow.


I, Rafał "Veeq7" Jurkiewicz, am a co-founder of The No-Frauds Club, Engine Architect, and the Lead Programmer. I am a self taught programmer with 9 years of in-home experience. Interested in game dev, game design, and low level performant programming. Content and reverse engineering enthusiast.

I've contributed my programming skills and design reflections to Cosmonarchy Brood War mod for a few years. I have maintained and improved the Starcraft modding toolkit for over a year. Produced various utility programs. Created AI script preprocessor, and an interactive website with tech tree visualization. I have created the Antikythera engine.

The primary goal shared by all members of The No-Frauds Club is ultimately to deploy high-quality and competitive videogame products for consumers that have been otherwise starved for such content. I aim to provide interactive software that, above all, respects its audience and expects them to rise to whichever challenges lie within.

On my Youtube channel you can find engine development streams and recorded gameplay of Cosmonarchy BW and sometimes other titles.


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