The No-Frauds Club ยป Antikythera


Last updated 23 June 2022

Antikythera is a bespoke game engine, with initial development geared towards isometric 2D RTS games. It is currently in active development; as such, specifications may change.

More info coming soon.


  • Written in C-styled C++, using exceedingly-few C++ features
  • Avoids object-oriented design, instead focusing on data-oriented design
  • Uses minimal libraries
  • Uses DirectX 11 for graphics processing
  • Networking solution TBD (currently uses lockstep peer-to-peer)
  • Uses compiled DLLs (written in C++ or jai) as a scripting language alternative
  • Not multiplatform, targeting only Windows 7 and beyond (with Linux support via Steam Proton)


  • Designed with freedom of design in mind
    • Transparent and feature-rich, pulling no punches and hiding nothing from advanced users
    • Integrated editor that supports synchronous scenario editing, both in- and out-of-game
    • Quick-launch functionality with multiplayer lobby support to accelerate scenario testing
    • Flexible data structure and API, with a performant GUI editor and optional text editing
    • Supports automatic compilation of 3D models to compatible spritesheets (will likely use Blender plugins to achieve this)

  • Performant, above all else
    • Achieves sub-second launch times via sensible asset management
    • Averages below 30ms latency in multiplayer
    • Avoids filesize bloat to an extreme degree
    • Sensible system requirements, targeting any PC with specs capable of smoothly running Windows 10

Games and Programs

  • Games
    • Onitar, a procedural real-time strategy game
    • Oldmonarchy, an expansive real-time strategy game
    • Dreamhold, a dramatic twin-stick action game
    • Heavensent, a towering first-person shooter game
  • Programs
    • The No-Frauds Club desktop client
    • The No-Frauds Club website (you're reading it now!)


  • Getting started
    • Organize the project directory
    • Write just enough code to launch a game
    • Start recreating Starcraft mechanics and the Cosmonarchy BW game state
  • Vet the core technicals
    • Implement a graphics solution
    • Explore compiled DLLs as a scripting language alternative
    • Explore peer to peer vs client to host
  • Enter the Fraud Nights
    • Implement peer to peer networking
    • Complete an initial game state
    • Begin private testing sessions
  • Explore a brave new world
    • Develop first-party content
  • Master the shaft
    • Deploy the first title
    • Begin live maintenance
    • Continue content development