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1.16.1 Installation Guide

Written by Pr0nogo.

This page will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to get Starcraft version 1.16.1 up and running for singleplayer, multiplayer, and mods. The page presumes you're running on Windows 7 or newer.

What you'll need:
Before you install:
  • Make sure you do not have a version of Starcraft older than 1.16.1 already installed.
  • If you have a version newer than 1.16.1 (e.g. SC Remastered) installed, you'll need to install the old version to a higher directory than where the newer version is. For example, if SC Remastered is installed in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Starcraft", you should install your old version to "C:\Starcraft".
  • However, installing to such directories usually prohibits write access, which is necessary for some mods like Cosmonarchy BW.

Installing Starcraft
  • After downloading the installer linked above, set the install path. Remember to set it higher than SC Remastered, if applicable.
  • Install the game.
  • Change version if desired. Delete the installer if desired. You should be good to play singleplayer in fullscreen!

Playing in windowed mode
  • Method 1: cncdraw
    • Download cncdraw
    • Copy the files into your freshly-installed Starcraft directory.
    • Launch the game; as long as cncdraw.dll is present in the directory, the game will launch in windowed mode.
    • You can use this ddraw.ini file provided by fagguto for improved defaults.
  • Method 2: chainwmode
    • Download chainwmode by Neiv.
    • Download these wmode dlls and place them in your freshly-installed Starcraft directory.
    • Download this ini file to configure your windowed experience. It must be placed in the same directory as the dlls.
    • Drag your newly-installed Starcraft.exe on top of chainwmode.exe to launch the game in windowed mode. You can configure settings with wmode.ini, and toggle mouse lock with ALT+F1.

Playing in multiplayer
The method we at The No-Frauds Club use for multiplayer uses Radmin VPN, a free and seemingly lightweight network utility.
  • Download Radmin VPN
  • Connect to an existing server or create your own for your friends/community
  • Create and join Starcraft games by launching Starcraft, selecting Multiplayer, and selecting Local Area Network (UDP)

If you can't see lobbies, host lobbies, or play in games without terrible lag, make sure ports 6112 through 6119 are open in Windows Firewall! If you're unsure how to open ports this way, see this article for instructions.

Playing mods
Assuming you installed the game to a higher directory than SC Remastered, mods should run with no issues, in singleplayer or multiplayer. If a mod prompts you to select "Starcraft.exe", download this registry file from project contributor DarkenedFantasies. Right-click the file and hit "edit", then follow the instructions. It walks you through the steps to correct your registry so that all mods can run without issue.

On Windows 7 and newer, mods must be binary files created by Firegraft. Other mods will not launch when run and must be converted in order to function on modern operating systems.

Capturing using OBS
I use OBS to record both modded and unmodded Starcraft, usually using windowed mode with a simple window capture. You can also do a display capture with a crop/pad of 640x480 to capture fullscreen. I have my recommended OBS settings listed here as well.

Fix: game/mod needs to be launched twice to work courtesy of DarkenedFantasies
If the game runs fine while a previous process is visible in task manager, it almost certainly has something to do with gameux.dll. It may be an issue with Microsoft's Games Explorer server (or a lack of internet connection), causing GameUX to be stuck trying to connect to it. Since GameUX is busy with the first process, running the game a second time allows the new process to avoid getting stuck with GameUX.

Game Explorer is a superfluous feature and can be safely disabled.
  • Step 1:
    • If on Windows 10, you can skip this step. Windows 7 users can also use this registry file courtesy of fagguto or this registry file courtesy of Baelethal if the following steps do not work.
    • Go in your Start Menu; All Programs; find the "Games" folder and run "Games Explorer".
    • In options, tick "never check online for updates", untick the rest of the options, click "clear information", click "OK", and exit.
  • Step 2:
    • Run command prompt as administrator and (assuming your Windows is on drive C) type the following:
    • regsvr32 -u c:\windows\system32\gameux.dll
    • After pressing enter, a message should appear saying it succeeded.
  • Step 3:
    • If on a 64-bit Windows, repeat step 2 by typing the following:
    • regsvr32 -u c:\windows\syswow64\gameux.dll

If you ever need to restore the dlls, type the same lines without -u. You will need to reboot once, either before or after doing these steps, that's up to you.