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Mapcrap is a bi-weekly content contest for Starcraft: Brood War, version 1.16.1, organized at the No-Frauds Club discord server!

During Mapcrap seasons, there is an event starting every other Monday. Contestants have one week to create a submission, and submissions are then played in the order they are received.

After the playthroughs, a winner's poll is put up within our discord server. Voting usually ends roughly two days after the poll goes up, with tiebreakers decided by Pr0nogo's whim. Winners are bestowed with a pink discord role until the next event begins, and also walk away with the ever-important and ever-eternal bragging rights.

The purpose of Mapcrap is primarily for entertainment, and also serves as a developer's workshop. There is no level of skill required to participate so long as you can follow the rules below and accept whatever banter may come your way. Happy crapping!

Rules and Scheduling

Season 4 is on hold.

Mapcrap events begin every other Monday and end one week later around 0900 Eastern US time. It is not expected that contestants spend the entire week developing their map, though obviously there is no rule against putting in such effort.

  • Submission files (e.g. map/mod) must be brand new, created at the start of the event
  • Submission must be produced in Starcraft, mod must be compatible with v1.16.1
  • Map must include build and destroy gameplay in some form
  • Map must be completable in singleplayer, with a targeted completion time of 30-40 minutes
  • Map must not include excessive grinding, time-wasting, or player annoyances (infinitely-rebuilding AI, annoying map/base layout, dialogue spams, etc)


Here are some resources to help you get started on your craptastic journey!


Themes are completely optional, and simply serve as a "prompt" for potential crappers looking for a suitable premise.

Active Themes:
  • Map must feature mythological or religious elements
  • Map must be filled with implied sexuality
  • Map must include the void!!!!!!!
  • Map must have gifts for the player
  • Map must mock the creator
  • Map must not use a stock setting
  • Map must quote community members
  • Map must involve or reference a historical conflict
  • Map must roleplay
  • Map must include anime
  • Map must feature a community member
  • Map must include police
  • Map must include fourth wall breaks
  • Map must feature channel/server memes
  • Map must include an arena or competition
  • Map must be set inside tony
  • Map must insult the player's intelligence
  • Map must involve copious amounts of pizza
  • Map must be spooky O_O
  • Map must mock a fellow mapcrap contestant
  • Map must include a character death
  • Map must be a simulation
  • Map must cheer the player on
  • Map must restore the player's faith in humanity
  • Map must not include any dialogue
  • Map must make the player really uncomfortable and embarrassed (cringe)
  • Map must be politically incorrect
  • Map must have too many traps or mines
  • Map must include a president of the United States
  • Map must wish someone a happy birthday
  • Map must include petty drama
  • Map must include magic
  • Map must be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Map must involve clowns, frogs, or The Antioch Chronicles
  • Map must include war crimes
  • Map must involve a pandemic or natural disaster
  • Map must mock Pr0nogo
  • Map must break copyright law
  • Map must blow bears
  • Map must be about the quality of a Blizzard game
  • Map must involve a rebellion or a resistance
  • Map must have a secret ending
  • Map must involve dogs
  • Map must be pretentious
  • Map must have an overpowered unit
  • Map must feature Ackmed
  • Map must use a different setting (e.g. a movie, TV show, original, etc)
  • Map must include a conspiracy theory
  • Map must include or reference a character from another game/project
  • Map must include marketers
  • Map must involve exploration or colonization
  • Map must include or reference current events
  • Map must have too many men
  • Map must involve mind control
  • Map must include advertising
  • Map must offend the Chinese government
  • Map must be misleading or fraudulent
  • Map must involve a crash or wreck
  • Map must contain celebrations

Special Events

Some mapcrap events are made extra special by some combination of team pairing and special rules, in addition to the submission rules and individual themes listed above.

  • Team: maps must be made by a randomly-selected team of 2
  • Insanity: maps must include 5 randomly-rolled themes
  • Polished Turds: maps must be an updated version of a randomly-selected earlier submission
  • Campaigncrap: maps must tell a coherent story together
  • Holidaycrap: maps must relate to an adjacent holiday or special occasion
  • Multicrap: maps must support several human players
  • Full Toilet: maps are created over a longer-than-usual period

Downloads and VODs

For downloads, see the download listing.

For playthroughs, see the following:

Shiniest Shits

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