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Your untimely revival.

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You have been left behind.

Suffocating in obscurity, paved over by history's imperious march. This world has moved on from your golden age, your legacy forgotten - metabolized, and subsumed. What cavernous remnants walk this earth? Incoherent skinwalkers. Philosophical zombies. Mindlessly treading over their unseen ancestry; burying it deeper with every step. This is not what you intended.

A sudden spark...

Shatter from your slumber! The essence of your being, scattered and latent, has languished long enough. Unearth yourself from beneath those who have ignored your power! Reclaim yourself from the bodies of those who have engorged on your spirit! It was never theirs to take.

Reveal the truth.

Carve deeply into the unthinking hordes, and uncover what forces pull their strings. Navigate derelict tombworlds and treacherous hellscapes; ascend toward the heavens once more! Those that set this suppression in motion have ossified in presumed victory - and they have much to answer for.

You've finally returned.

PAGAN is a work-in-progress, singleplayer, classic FPS, created in GZDoom.

Return to godhood as the Maker, a primordial force of nature that has languished in ancient history. Face the boundless agents of myriad factions, all hostile to one another - and to you. Employ instruments of mythical warfare, fit only for a god. Reclaim your spirit, and commence the cosmos once more!

PAGAN focuses on large-scale conflicts between rival factions, vying for supremacy across the many realms. The Maker must rise to meet this ultimate challenge, gathering its strength through fonts of power that have been discarded or subsumed by the world's various miscreants. By forging new weapons of war, and reclaiming old pieces of divinity, the Maker becomes progressively stronger - but it will be a while yet before it is able to contest the armies of the realms directly. While leveraging the hostilities between factions as they battle in a dynamic world, the Maker must choose its targets wisely, dismantling key pieces of the global war machine as the realm's armies slowly devour themselves.

The Maker's arsenal requires no corporeal munitions, drawing instead upon the power of the Maker itself. Each instrument of war has a finite amount of energy imparted into it, and must be recharged when depleted. This process takes a short time - time that the Maker may not have when beset upon by hordes of hostiles. As the Maker continues reassembling its spirit, more methods of awesome destruction become apparent, with the most impressive among them being combat disruption that helps pave the way to victory.

Miscreants of PAGAN are aggressive by nature, and most of the Maker's foes boast special equipment or intrinsic abilities that will be leveraged for area denial, combat support, and other vital effects. The synergies between distinct agents of each faction make every encounter dangerous, and encourage the Maker to plan its attack. Factions have multiple calibers of soldiers, and engaging them in their home domain allows them to unleash the full extents of their power, transforming even the most unbecoming of agents into potent rivals.

In summation, the Maker must unearth buried artifacts, defeat grotesque evils, and recapture lost faiths. It must defeat a menagerie of foes, overcome a litany of challenges, and grow in power until it can judge the universe for what it truly is.

This document is not yet complete, and will eventually contain information on PAGAN's expansive bestiary, distinct realms, level design directives, and more.

Angels, demons, humans; guilty.

Factions in PAGAN are broadly hostile to one another, and each one sports a diaspora of unique agents. Certain realms are considered the "homes" of particular factions, which allows their agents to draw upon more concentrated force, thus increasing their threat level should you face them in their seat of power.


Mindless servants and their luminous masters, the Epitets are relentlessly aggressive, given animus by the elevated humans that still walk mortal planes. Battlefields are often swarmed with vacant throngs and enraged blackguards, with infighting among the soulless hordes only barely kept in check by their mindsmiths. Suitable only for destruction, Epitet forces are rarely in one place for too long, sweeping through the lands in tides of wanton destruction.


Deceptive, demonic, damned; Antithalian agents are steeled in a brutal crucible where only cold wit and sheer brutality can guarantee survival. These dire forms can never be truly spared their suffering, as they reincarnate in their hellish realm when defeated - forced to relive their rites of passage until they succeed in reaching the cosmos. Whether any of these wretches will survive long enough to taint the pantheon with their presence is yet to be determined!


Out of sight, out of mind... or so they thought! The opulence of the Ilochstrandris is impossible to ignore, with towering citadels that pierce the heavens, and impressive technology that isolates them from the surface world - but they have turned their backs to the festering of the lesser realms for too long. With hell knocking on their imposing doors, and unwashed masses scaling their barricades, Iloch slumber is finally threatened. If the hubris of these angel-dwellers doesn't stay their blades, those of the mortal planes can expect grand retribution.