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Project: HYDRA

Last modified: 2021 Feb 25


Project: HYDRA is built on version 1.16.1 of Starcraft. You can follow this installation guide to install version 1.16.1.

Once you have version 1.16.1 set up, you can download Project: HYDRA, place its maps in your Starcraft maps directory (usually C:\Program Files\Starcraft\maps), and place its executable anywhere you have read/write access.

Please note: it is exceedingly common for Windows Defender to flag all Starcraft mods as viruses. This is because Starcraft mods use code injection to apply their changes to the game. HYDRA is safe for your PC, and many users have played on it without issue.

To update:

  • If you only want to update the mod file itself, run 'update_mod.exe'
  • To download the latest maps and to get the latest editor suite, run 'update_full.exe'
  • You can also simply redownload the whole package from gitlab

Community games are organized using Radmin VPN, a free and seemingly lightweight network utility.
  • Download Radmin VPN
  • Join the No Frauds Club network with the following credentials:
    • Network name: FRAUDSCLUB
    • Password: toddad69
  • Create and join Starcraft games by launching Starcraft, selecting Multiplayer, and selecting Local Area Network (UDP)
  • Join the No Frauds Club discord server to organize community games in real time