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Singleplayer content for the definitive real-time strategy experience.


In Cosmonarchy, "immersive" describes singleplayer-only content with non-intrusive storytelling elements. Immersive content is organized into individual missions, scenario packs of loosely-connected missions, and campaign sets with a consistent, linear narrative. The following documentation details planned first-party content for Cosmonarchy's initial retail release.

The singleplayer content of Cosmonarchy differs from that of other RTS games in that it actually respects the player's time. In contrast to conventional campaigns, which are often seen veering off into poorly-written dramas, gimmicky commando maps, and grindy macro missions, Cosmonarchy's scenarios are built around the core principle of engagement. Every opponent in every mission is potentially lethal - and though starting conditions, team compositions, and player objectives vary between maps, fairness is front and center in the content's design. If you are skilled enough to match your myriad opponents, you can always win through conventional RTS gameplay, without ever experiencing arbitrary tech restrictions that limit player expression or suffering through slapstick pace-changes that remove entire systems of the game. Cosmonarchy's gameplay is insulated from ever becoming stale or plodding by way of its deep mechanics, expansive roster of opponents, and the wide variety of team compositions that will manifest in each mission.

Embedded within the very concept of singleplayer content is the expectation of a narrative, where players follow a faction or set of characters through a prescribed sequence of events. Though such a description does apply to Cosmonarchy's immersive campaigns and map sets, this content limits the scope of its plots to military conflicts and political upheaval - subject matters that are appropriate for the unrivaled scale of the game's battles. Devices such as character drama and inner conflicts are primarily relegated to backseat roles in Cosmonarchy's narratives, where they can be leveraged for efficient characterization without sabotaging the grounded nature of a plot's most notable events. Dialogue during gameplay is kept terse and pointed, providing insight pertinent to the battle at hand, while subtly aiding the worldbuilding and reinforcing the personality of the speaker. Cutscenes and more extended dialogue events are restricted to the prologue and epilogue of each mission - pauses, camera pulls, and other breaks in player agency will never occur outside of these moments.

The immersive content in Cosmonarchy provides a consistent and engaging plotline, where you journey through countless theaters of war, using your skill and strategy to tell a story that is very much your own. Each mission provides familiar tools in a unique context, allowing for player expression to remain cogent from beginning to end while maintaining space for novel gameplay the whole way through. No map will ever play like another, no map will fail to test your skills as an RTS player, and all maps will provide a premiere experience that far outstrips even the best of what other RTS titles have offered.


Though it should go without saying, the following content is not final, and contains spoilers.


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