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Cosmonarchy BW

Cosmonarchy BW is a comprehensive overhaul of Starcraft: Brood War, for version 1.16.1.
Put simply, it is a prototype of what will become the definitive RTS experience.

For the full game, see this page.


The all-rounders, the everymen.
Armed to the teeth and prepared for war.


The children of gods.
Forever grieving for the wars they wage.


The uncontrollable beasts.
Evolved to claim the best and slay the rest.


Welcome to Cosmonarchy BW - the most ambitious conversion for Starcraft: Brood War!

Created by Pr0nogo, Veeq7, and iquare, with a healthy amount of help from the community behind The No-Frauds Club, this mod totally reshapes the landscape of Starcraft in order to flesh out and understand what our own real-time strategy game could be like. For more explicit information, you can click on the racial images above to access tech maps and navigate your new toolbox.

Key notes:
  • All races are now able to specialize their army compositions from a very early stage, making scouting and map control even more important than in stock melee, and cementing support for many more playstyles.
  • Countless new units and structures supplement the arsenals of each race, to encourage additional strategies and allow for longer game times.
  • All researches and upgrades have either been integrated with the affected units, or removed entirely, making the player's understanding of unit strength consistent without denying the expression of power sourced from progressing through your techtree.
  • AI-controlled allies and opponents now use every component of the game state, further facilitated by map design that often features countless expansions, a focus on team play, and several warring factions vying for supremacy.

The scale of Cosmonarchy BW, from its battlefields to its techtree changes, has not been seen before in Starcraft custom content, and has proven to be one of the project's most memorable and defining traits.

A note on future developments:
As of September 2021, consistent development of Cosmonarchy BW has halted, with the majority of efforts being directed towards the creation of the Antikythera engine and the many games that will be created within it. Cosmonarchy will return in an original setting.

Future updates are planned and being worked on sporadically, but our daily focus has certainly shifted to new worlds and grander tasks. If you want to see what we're up to, join us on discord.

Downloads & Docs

The following downloads are available:
The following documentation is available:

Global Changes

Italicized changes are not yet implemented.

  • Supply, upgrades, and researches have been removed.
  • All tilesets have received pathing optimizations, and many previously-unbuildable tiles are now buildable.
  • Random animation delay has been removed.
  • Workers no longer provide collision to other units while mining or returning resources.
  • All game speeds other than "Fastest" (24 frames per second) have been removed.
  • Buildings can be placed over own and allied units, and construction attempts no longer fail if such units walk over the construction site as the worker arrives.
  • In-game saving is now disabled, and has been replaced with an autosave on map/game exit.

Melee starting conditions
  • Starting melee workers spawn on the side of their town center closest to minerals.
  • Starting melee workers are now 6, up from 4.
  • Starting melee Larva are now 1, down from 3.
  • Starting melee minerals are now 100, up from 50.

Weapons and armor
  • 1/256 miss chance has been removed.
  • Impact damage (formerly "Normal") now deals 75% to heavy, from 100%.
  • Concussive damage now deals 100% to Light, 75% to Medium, and 50% to Heavy, up from 100/50/25.
  • A new armor class, Titanic, takes damage as follows: 75% from Explosive, 50% from Impact, 25% from Concussive.
    • Titanic units can be targeted by ground and air weapons.
  • A new weapon class, Chronal, deals full damage to all armor classes.
  • Permanently-cloaked units now reveal themselves for 2 seconds when attacking or using an ability.

Height advantage and cover
  • Miss chance has been removed.
  • Ground units on higher ground take 1 less damage from attacks that originate on a lower ground level.
  • Ground units on higher ground gain +2 range when attacking any unit on a lower ground level.
  • Melee units do not benefit from terrain-based range bonuses.

  • Cocoons and non-Larval Eggs morph 50% faster while on creep.
  • Creep that occupies the tiles a Zerg structures takes up recedes immediately when that structure is destroyed.
  • Allied creep is now buildable for all races.
  • Creep now correctly spreads to buildable tiles that are directly above unbuildable tiles.
  • Creep spread/recede speed now remains consistent across every creep generator.

  • Mineral fields deplete similar to vespene geysers, returning 2 minerals per depleted return.
  • Mineral fields and geysers regenerate 2 resources per 3 seconds after 5 seconds of not being mined or occupied.
    • Upper limits for regeneration are 2500 for minerals and 7500 for geysers.
    • Geysers must be vacant (i.e. no gas structure placed on them) in order to regenerate vespene.
  • Vespene geysers can now be mined at a reduced rate compared to when a structure has been built upon them.
  • Workers are no longer hidden while harvesting vespene.

Detection, energy, and abilities
  • Specialists now start with 100 energy, from 50.
  • Deliberate healing (i.e. not passive regeneration) cleanses all negative status effects when the heal target reaches full HP.
  • Allied units now show their energy counts, cargo, production queue, and abilities/passives when selected.
  • Detected enemy units now show their energy counts, cargo, production queue, and abilities/passives when selected.
  • All vanilla abilities have received significant updates. See the techtree map for specifics.

  • Addons can now be immediately built by holding down the shift key before pressing the addon's hotkey, bypassing the placement check.

  • All transports, including Bunkers, can now load allied units.
  • Organic units of all races and sizes are able to enter Bunkers.
  • Organic ranged units of all races are able to fire from Bunkers.
  • Both the transport owner and the unit owner can issue load orders (unit owner by right-clicking on the transport; transport owner by right-clicking on the unit or issuing a load command targeting the unit).
  • Both the transport owner and the unit owner can issue unload orders (unit owner by clicking on the unit's wireframe; transport owner through the same method or by issuing an unload all order).
  • Wireframes of units inside transports are now color-coded if the unit's owner differs from the transport's owner.

User Interface
  • Unit tooltips are now extended with more details.
  • Armor info is now also visible on structures.
  • Unit and structure selection is no longer capped.
  • Control-clicking a unit now selects the closest units of the same type.
  • Hotkey customization is now available via a new options menu.
  • The options menu is now available on the title screen.

  • Switching player slots or forces in a lobby is no longer delayed.
  • It is now possible to switch to and within forces with Computer slots.
  • Vacant human slots are set to Computers on game start, regardless of game type. Closed slots are not converted to Computers.
  • You can now start games without any other occupied human/computer slots.
  • You can now fill slots with Computers in UMS lobbies.
  • When set to 'User Select' in map settings, Computers can now have their personality and build order set in a lobby.
  • Map previews can now be enabled in Use Map Settings mode by the lobby host.
  • Three observer slots have been added.

The following options are customizable via a client-side config:
  • An in-game timer that displays hours, minutes, and seconds, located in the upper-left-hand corner,
  • F1 no longer opening the Help menu,
  • Additional camera hotkeys using F1, and F5 through F8,
  • Ability to always show extended tooltips,
  • And customizable grid hotkeys.


I, Pr0nogo, would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their roles in the development of Cosmonarchy:
  • Veeq7 -- For endless testing, programming, tool development, website development, and conceptual contributions
  • iquare -- For endless programming and tool development
  • DarkenedFantasies -- For endless 2D and 3D art
  • Neiv -- For advancing AI modding
  • IskatuMesk -- For expanding my horizons
  • Keyan -- For endless testing and AI, scenario, and conceptual contributions
  • Baelethal -- For 3D art, and endless testing and conceptual contributions
  • Connor5620 -- For endless testing and AI contributions
  • fagguto -- For endless testing and conceptual contributions
  • knightoftherealm -- For endless testing and conceptual contributions
  • jun3hong -- For UI art
  • Suicidal Insanity -- For creating SCMDraft 2
  • poiuy_qwert -- For creating the Python Modding Suite
  • ShadowFlare -- For tool development
  • Voyager7456 -- For reverse-engineering, plugin assistance, and kitbashes
  • FaRTy1billion -- For tool development and reverse-engineering
  • lucifirius -- For testing and update utilities
  • Milestone -- For productivity utilities
  • fr3nzy -- For website development and art
  • ciox -- For conceptual contributions
  • Herooflemons -- For testing and encouragement
  • Dynamo -- For testing and encouragement
  • Folca -- For testing and encouragement
  • Ultralisks -- For testing and encouragement
  • Tidomann -- For testing and encouragement
  • BSTRhino -- For introducing me to animation editing
  • Nekron -- For introducing me to custom AI
  • Jayborino -- For platforming custom content

Additionally, Cosmonarchy makes use of assets from the following games, mods, and communities: